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Sailing school

Feel the wind in your hair, set sail and simply enjoy the atmosphere on the lake. With our sailing school you will successfully get your category D sailing license and will soon be a skipper!

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When sailing on Lake Lucerne, fun and relaxation are guaranteed. With leeward to windward, you will soon be sailing through the Bay of Lucerne yourself. We offer an individual training program so that you learn to sail and successfully pass the exam for the D license. With us you not only learn all the maneuvers, but we teach on two different boats so that you can master sailing as best as possible and also have the confidence to drive different boats.


The sailing lessons until you obtain the D license usually consist of eight to ten lessons. A lesson lasts around 2.5 hours.

We offer trial courses for one hour for one person or more for 100 Fr./h (price per person)


Take without obligationContact us. Together we can discuss how we can organize sailing lessons and how you can soon be sailing yourself.

1 person

250 Fr./lesson

2 persons

2 people 150 Fr./lesson (price per person)

3 persons

3 people 125 Fr./lesson (price per person)

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