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Our sailboats

Boats that are particularly fun on Lake Lucerne make

We are sailing two modern classics. The Inferno 29 and the Moser M2 are boats that were specifically designed for pre-Alpine lakes. The boats run excellently even in light winds. Sailing on Lake Lucerne is particularly fun!

Moser M2

The Moser M2 is a sporty and fast keel yacht that is perfect for the different winds on Lake Lucerne. This Swiss classic takes off in light winds and is easy to sail. The boat is equipped with a spinnaker and a built-in motor.


Inferno 29

The Inferno 29 is a masterpiece by renowned Swedish designer Håkan Södergren, developed in collaboration with highly respected Swiss sailing specialist Bruno Hunkeler. With its elegant and aerodynamic design, the Inferno 29 embodies speed and maneuverability


Ocean-going boats

For our offshore trips we offer a variety of boats that are characterized by their sailing characteristics, but also offer the necessary comfort and are modernly equipped. A sailing trip with us will be an unforgettable experience.

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